Charles McPherson & Tom Harrell qUINTET

Two of the finest jazz musicians of our time, both eminently qualified to present a program of music from Bebop is the Future, alto-saxophonist extraordinaire Charles McPherson and the simply sublime trumpeter Tom Harrell. Praised by Newsweek for his pure melodic genius, Tom Harrell is widely recognized as one of the most creative and uncompromising jazz instrumentalists and composers of our time. Always inventive, Charles McPherson has kept the torch of Charlie Parker burning brightly without being stuck in the past. Stanley Crouch says in his New York Times article on Charles. "He is a singular voice who has never sacrificed the fluidity of his melody making, and is held in high esteem by musicians both long seasoned and young." 

Charles McPherson & Tom Harrell Quintet, 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival

"The real fact of the matter is that everybody has been influenced by Charlie Parker. Charlie Parker is like Bach. So it would be like saying people that have heard Bach are influenced by Bach. Well, of course you are because certain people have added so much to the language that it becomes part of the language. ..Yes, you are influenced, even if you don’t know it. Twenty-five generations removed, you are because his language is in the language".- Charles McPherson from a Jazz Police interview by Maxwell Chandler
Available internationally for Concerts, Festivals, and Club Dates as a soloist or with The Charles McPherson Group. Charles also offers Clinics and Master Classes.