Dan Tepfer to perform at Chapman

February 23, 2015
Pianist-composer Dan Tepfer is bringing his individual style of improvisation to Chapman University in an installment of the President’s Piano series.

Classically trained since age 6 at the Paris Conservatoire-Paul Dukas, Tepfer is a multi-talented musician. Before getting a start in his professional music career, he received his bachelor’s degree in astrophysics from Scotland’s University of Edinburgh. He played in the jazz music scene in college and briefly worked as an opera conductor. Now, he’s a celebrated pianist based out of New York and travels the world.

His take on the art of jazz styling adds complex riff layer to the already challenging musical pieces he chooses.

Raised by American parents in Paris, Tepfer grew up bilingual, something he credits his take on music to.

“I’ve always been much more attached to content than to form, more concerned with what’s being said than the language in which it’s being expressed,” Tepfer says on his website.