Rex Abbasi Acoustic Quartet/Intents and Purposes/Enja Records


Many fans of jazz-rock are familiar with some of the most well-known 1970s anthems from the supergroups that attracted huge followings worldwide. On the Last Call, I have played many of these selections for fans of avant-garde music . Some listeners may have desired from time to time to hear these selections through a different, more subtle, less noisy lens.

The new recording from accomplished guitarist Rez Abbasi does just that. Intents and Purposes is a superb entry into the guitarist's already impressive lineup of stellar recordings. Abbasi and his quartet take eight selections and present them with vastly different shades of instrumental color than their original readings in the bands of Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, and others. The listener may find new meanings in the delightful renditions of "Black Market", "Butterfly", "Resolution" and "There Comes A Time", in addition to four other gems of interest.

Veteran guitarist Rez Abbasi is in the studio on steel string, fretless and baritone acoustic guitars, with the inspired company of Bill Ware on vibraphone, Stephan Crump on acoustic bass and Eric McPherson on drums. Together they create simply gorgeous music.